“Red Rag to a Bull”

Are bullets in an oven or fire lethal?

Adam and Jamie talk about Newton’s 3rd Law of motion again, as well as some fundamentals of intertia, and use bullets, beer and hairspray to demonstrate.


I’ll have to say that they actually did a pretty reasonable (and scientific) job on this one. They covered their control cases pretty well, and got good results, and had a good explanation of why. One thing they could have done is compared the amount of black powder in a gun shell to the amount of powder in a typical firecracker or M-80. They could have talked about why the bullet is lethal, but the M-80 isn’t (usually).

My Verdict:

Analysis Confirmed (for the bullet in the oven). Good job, guys! The beer and hairspray stuff was pretty funny material, I guess.

What they should have done:

I think they were spot-on here, so there’s nothing extra to add. Maybe they could have tested a variety of oven doors before starting?

Are Bulls enraged by the color red

Grant, Tori, and Keri try to see if bulls are enraged by the color red.


I’m actually always a little more impressed with the “2nd crews'” analysis. I think they spend more time in research and analysis, and less time “just doing it” like Adam and Jamie do, and are better with their controls and varied methods. They usually don’t assume that one case proves the rule, like A&J do.

My Verdict:

Analysis Confirmed. I agree that movement is the likely thing that gets bulls charging.

What they should have done:

The one variable missing in their analysis was “texture”. Most Rodeo clowns don’t just wear red, they wear a very loud, textured (polka dots, etc.) and move around to attract the bulls. Could there be something in plaid, polka dots, high contrast lines, or some other texture that would make a bull charge a stationary object?

…like a bull in a China shop.

Can you say 15 minutes of pointless footage? What’s there to prove here? That bulls knock things over, or that they can avoid obstacles?


This is pointless filler material. Are they running out of ideas?

My Verdict

Analysis Pointless?


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