“Superhero Hour”

Can a belt buckle grappling hook gun help you scale a wall?

I’m not sure whats to prove here. Grappling hooks exist. Mechanical Ascenders exist.


Adam needs to work on his rope climbing skills, seriously. I couldn’t have climbed that rope either, but I’ve seen people scale ropes quite easily. Just because he couldn’t do it doesn’t mean that its impossible.

Why are you building a grappling gun when they seem to already exist?

My Verdict

Analysis pointless. Adam and Jamie are just having fun building stuff.  I guess the cool part is that Jamie’s ascender worked.  Adam should have been a lot more careful with his device — its as deadly as a real gun, even if it doesn’t really work.

Can a single superhero punch leave a ring-shaped scar?

Grant, Tori and Keri simulate a really strong punch to see if it’ll leave a scar.


Well, we’re talking about a “superhero” here, and what does “scar” really mean? Would it leave a bruise? What if the ring were hot with superhero heat radiation, and it left a burn scar? Anyway, I don’t want to quibble on superhero powers, I just want to make it clear that this is pretty tenuous to start with. Do you know exactly what shape the ring is? What if the ring had a razor sharp raised border that cuts into the skin? It wouldn’t take a very strong “punch” to cause a scar with that kind of ring, and the comic book artwork didn’t really show exactly what the ring was like…

Additionally, on the first 2 blows, it didn’t look like the ring was really making good contact with the skull.

My Verdict

Analysis Plausible. I think they did a reasonable job, and you’re just not going to get any scarring from a blunt blow. Scars happen with burns or lacerations, so maybe if the ring had a raised, razor sharp border, it would have worked.

What they should have done

Made a ring that was guaranteed to “scar” with human strength punches.

Can you corner a car using a grappling hook?

Again, the B-Team tests to see if you can use a grappling hook to corner a car.


What was the whole jet-bat-car makeover for?  Again, kudos for their more scientific approach than the A-Team.  Even though the rope and cable have high breaking strengths, those are under optimal conditions (no kinks, no abrasions, etc.)  Nonetheless, I’m pretty convinced by this one.

My Verdict

Analysis Confirmed.  Nice looking build.  I like the nitrogen cannon.  I like the mount inside the car.  Its all very Monster Garage, and pretty well done.  Cars are really heavy, and sure do have a lot of kinetic energy.

Can you change clothes in a phone booth?

Whats the myth here?

My Verdict

Confirmed: Keri looks kinda cute in red satin.


One Response to “Superhero Hour”

  1. Jeremiah says:

    I love this idea and its execution. Subscribed!

    One suggestion: A bit of a recap of each experiment’s setup for those of us who sometimes miss the show.

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