“Viewer Special”

Can cigarette butts be a lethal weapon?

Adam and Jamie see if cigarette butts (or filters) can be lethal when put down the barrel of a muzzle loaded gun.


Reasonable analysis, but this is the most random “myth” I’ve ever heard of. Who has muzzle loading guns? Who smokes cigarettes? Who’s stupid enough to combine both things together.

My Verdict:

Analysis Confirmed. Reasonable job on a kinda pointless myth.

Can you stop a car using reverse?

The B-Team tries to stop both an automatic and a manual car by putting them into reverse.  The automatic has a safety shutoff that kills the car, and the manual doesn’t have synchros on reverse, so it fails.


Whats to say?  They tried it, and it didn’t work.   They could have tried to find a manual car that <strong>does</strong> have synchros on reverse, and see what they could do with that.  Maybe there are none?

My Verdict:

Analysis Confirmed.

Does sneezing with your eyes open pop out your eyeball?

I’m surprised that Adam and Jamie actually took this one on, since if its true, there should be several documented cases.


Actually did a reasonable job. I wish they had more than one test subject.

My Verdict:

Analysis Confirmed. Your eyes won’t pop out of your head.

What they should have done

Used more test subjects, and talked about the anatomy of the head

Can a tennis ball serve as a lockpick?

This is just an urban myth, and the B-Team proves that its basically impossible.


I like the use of compressed air.  Nice trick!

My Verdict:

Analysis Confirmed

Adam and Jamie blow up a car.

For a finale, they blow up some kids mom’s car. Oh well.


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