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2 Responses to About

  1. Nighthawk says:

    I am looking to find a grapple gun or at least a mechanical ascender I can use with a grappling hook and rope. Can you help me find one or do you know of any that exist? You will be comoensated if you can find a real one. I know they exist. Help me please.

  2. jose says:

    I stumpled into your website by pure chance.
    I was wondering? do you get many hits
    I like the mythbuster, but I studied engineering and man sometimes they suck if you see it from the pure scientific perspective

    however if you consider that this is a TV show where primary reason to be is make money , 2nd provide entertaiment for the masses 3) maybe preach science 4) make you smarter? then the show is more or less ok

    they are not there to stand for science. Science is just a nice excuse for them. Otherwise I can imagine like 1000 ways to make it more scientifically correct. And boring for the masses because they will not identify with the stuff (I think).

    So the only true science I see here is a demonstration that the higher/complex the knowledge, it will be possesed for less people. Therefore the show has economic success when they lesser the science so a higher fraction of people can identify/understand and make it fun to watch

    unfortunally , that makes it suck in many ways. It happens the same for many sci-fi shows and unfortunally looks like there is no way around if you adopt a pure economic/money approach


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